What Type of Firearm Sight is Simple, Inexpensive, and Standard on Most Handguns?

New firearm users or users who want to improve their accuracy with firearms will often want to learn about the different types of firearm sights and understand how they can be used to improve their shooting experience. At Miller Guns and Ammo, educating new gun buyers is at the core of our company culture.

A firearm sight is simply a device that is used to line up the muzzle with the shooter’s eye such that he can hit the target. They are more critical on firearms that fire a single projectile, (for instance, handgun and rifle) than on firearms that shoot a pattern of shots (for instance, shotgun.)

However, different uses and different situations call for different types of firearm sights. For most handguns, here are the different types of sights that they can have and how they are used.

Open Sights

Open sights are standard types of sights and are the best for handguns. It is made of a post front sight found on the end muzzle and notched sights that are called the rear sights. Open sights are simple; they don’t need optic fibers that project glowing dots or a fragile telescope to magnify the target. They are also affordable since they don’t use optic fibers or telescopes. The aiming procedure for a handgun with the open sight is also quite standard. You just have to center the top of the front sight with the notch at the rear sight and line it up on your target. Most handguns have an open sight with slight variations; however, you can change it or add a different type of sight. They can also be fixed or adjusted when factors like wind speed, target speed, and elevation are relevant.  

Telescopic Sights

Telescopic sights make use of a small telescope that helps a shooter get a more accurate shot at a farther distance. Some specialized handguns have telescopic sights. They commonly have different magnifications that allow the shooter to achieve farther shots. The scopes come in different lengths and width, with about 24 different types of targeting lens. Usually, the larger lens will allow more light to enter the scope and vice versa.  However, each lens has its use depending on the scenario, climate, and range. Telescopic sights are mainly used for skill shooting, snipers, and hunting.

Laser Sights

Much like a laser pointer, a laser sight is a device mounted underneath the muzzle of a firearm with the green or red dot settling on the spot where the bullet will go. Basically, the shooter looks past the sights and focuses on the target. For new shooters who are still working on their alignment, the laser light may be recommended; however, it can restrict your progress since you’ll be relying on the laser sights too much. Also, it may be difficult to see the laser when the shooter is at long distance or in bright light. If you don’t have a good aim yet and you are using the firearm for home defense, it’s okay to use a laser sight. But when practicing on the range, use an open sight instead.

In conclusion, if you are new to firearms, these sights are some of the best kinds to check out on handguns. They are also very easy to use and can help you gain more accurate shots. However, it’s up to you to decide the sight that works best for your needs and go for it. Miller Guns and Ammo is located in Las Cruces, NM and carries one of the largest inventories in New Mexico for handguns and tactical rifles.


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