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What is hospitality?

What is hospitality?

Hospitality has become a boom all over the world in a few years. It is the art of providing service and making the customer experience better. Hospitality includes industries such as hotels, event planners, chefs, equipment handlers at a concert, and housekeeping staff. Now, the hotel management industry is one of the fastest-growing industries all over the words.

In Australia, there are many colleges which are providing hospitality courses. There is one of the best colleges in Australia which has a hospitality course. They are providing 3 courses in hospitality. They are:

1. Certificate III in hospitality (CRICOS course code:097583C)

2. Diploma of hospitality management (CRICOS course code:091051B)

3. Advanced diploma of hospitality management (CRICOS course code:091123B)

Skills required in the hospitality industry

  1. The person should have good communication skills and friendly in nature.
  2. Love to explore people from different country and languages.
  3. A person should have multi-tasking skills, leadership qualities, and flexible working in any shift.
  4. A person should be an enthusiast and love to work in this industry

A career in the hospitality industry

After doing a hospitality management course or diploma they are many career options you can take.

Some of the job profiles you can take after completing the diploma in hospitality are:

Receptionist: They are a person who is at the front desk in the hotel industry. The job of the receptionist is to confirm the arrival and departure of the guest, greet the guest. If a guest is staying in the hotel and call the receptionist and they have some query so they connect them with the concerned department.

Housekeeping: The role of the housekeeper is to clean every room and to make sure good hygiene is maintained in all the rooms.

Chef: A person who is passionate about cooking different cuisine then this is the best job for them as a chef. The role of the chef is to deliver the food according to the customer’s taste. If a chef is good at cooking, then the customer remembers it.

Hotel Manager: If you are good at managing and you have leadership qualities then you can become a hotel manager. The role of the hotel manager is to manage all the things that are happening in the proper process.

Bartender: The role of the bartender is to make drinks. A person who has a friendly personality can interact with the customer so that they can recommend drinks according to their taste and they also serve them snacks directly or indirectly.

Head of food and beverages: Supervising food and beverages is an important part. The role of the head of food and beverages is to arrange stock for bars and dining areas and to see that things are under budget. The head also sees that strict cleanliness, good quality, and hygiene are followed.

Perks of being in the hospitality industry

Working in the hotel industry is very exciting and it is fulfilled with many opportunities. Some of the perks of being in the hotel management industry are:

1. Exposure to the international and national environment: In this industry, we experience new people from national or international. We meet people with difficult cultures and languages. A person who loves to meet with different people all over the world for them hotel industry is the best career.

2. A different experience every day: If you love to explore different things then it is great to work in hospitality. You may not know what next things you will explore the next day or who will be your next guest. You may also get a chance to meet with any celebrity from all around the world.

3. Socializing environment: In the hospitality industry, you get a chance to socialize with different people from all over the works. You can make friends from different countries and you can learn about their culture and languages. You can stay connected with them on social media platforms. You can tell them about culture and languages.

4. Perks in the hospitality industry: They are many perks in hospitality, you get free meal, drop and pickup, uniform. You get discounts on hotel accommodation throughout the world. If you love traveling and exploring the world, then the hospitality industry is best to work with.

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