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Sunglasses are one of the essential accessories everyone should have.

About 85% of the American population wear sunglasses.

And if you are not a part of that 85%, you are missing out on one accessory that can make you appear sufficiently more stylish, and allow you to enjoy outdoors, while still protecting your eyes from the sun and eliminating glare. Pereless Sunglasses has your guide to the best style of sunglasses for your face.

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Popular Styles By Pereless Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Hence, many people own different sunglasses to coordinate with varying styles of clothing or for different activities. However, you don’t necessarily need to own lots of pairs; it’s also okay to have just one good pair that suits your style and face shape.

Nevertheless, it’s not always easy to find the best style of sunglasses for each person. That is often because what looks perfect on the next person may not be the perfect fit for you.

To find the best style of sunglasses for you, here are three quick tips to keep in mind.

Work With Your Face Shape

The most significant factor in determining the perfect sunglasses for you is your face shape. What works for a round face may not work for a square shape face and vise versa.

People with square faces have strong jawlines and broad cheekbones. Softer styles of glasses such as aviator shapes and round shapes may work for them. For people with a round face shape that does not have angles, and features curved jawlines and broad cheekbones, D-frame, square styles and aviators can work.

On the other hand, diamond shape faced people have defined chin, and broad cheekbones, so retro, square styles with soft edges, D-frame, and round sunglasses may work for them. While Oval faced people might want to try out different types to find their favorite. This is because oval faces are versatile and can fit most styles of sunglasses.

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Best sunglass styles for your face shape

Keep Frame Size In Mind

The frame size you choose should suit your size of the face without overwhelming you. If you have a smaller face, check out the wayfarer. They have smaller lens size and slim wireframes. Styles that are between 50mm and 54mm will not appear two wide or small on your face and will provide enough coverage from the sun.

Aviators are also great options to consider when hunting for a new pair of glasses for people with small faces. Its delicate frame is just right for you. However, ensure to do the cheek test. If your frames are pushed up by your cheekbones when you smile, they might be too big.

Smaller pairs of round frames can also work for people with small faces. Look for one that hits just above your eyebrows and settles perfectly on your cheekbones. Consider going for a bold, reflective pair in a bright color if this feels a little wild.

clarity by pereless sunglasses
Clarity by Pereless Sunglasses

Sunglasses Should Enhance Your Personal Style

Sunglasses say a lot about your personal style. They can make you appear classy, trendy, youthful, playful, or sophisticated. When deciding on the sunglasses that would enhance your personal style, you need to consider what you like to wear.

If you love clean lines, nude shades, simple patterns and prints, effortlessly chic looks with wardrobe classic or modern designs, you probably have a minimalistic approach to your style. Classic pair of sunglasses like aviator, wayfarer, and others might work for you depending on your face shape.

Also, your personal style might be youthful and playful if you are into denim, bright-colored, and flirty clothing items. Consider choosing something that will work for your face shape from the variety of cat-eye sunglasses available. Also, checkout wayfarer sunglasses and vintage oversize on Pereless Sunglasses to see what styles work for you.

Bloom by Pereless Sunglasses
Bloom by Pereless Sunglasses

If you are a trendsetter, which means you keep up with the trend and you love to try new things, sunglasses that are unique and fashionable will work for you.

In conclusion, everyone needs to own at least a pair of sunglasses. So while you are hunting for one, keep your face shape, frame size, and your personal style in mind. And when you find one (or more) that you feel should work for you, make sure they make you feel great and confident in your looks. Check out Pereless Sunglasses for the best pairs that you can comfortably afford.


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