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How to find the Top 3 SPSS Test Run Software in 2021

How to find the Top 3 SPSS Test Run Software in 2021

SPSS is a statistical analysis software owned by IBM and is mostly used in social sciences. It is the go-to tool for secondary data collection help and conducting research. However, SPSS has multiple test run options, and students don’t know which one to use. SPSS is complicated software, and it is entirely natural to get confused. The majority of researches are conducted according to our top 3 SPSS test run software. If you are still confused, you can take help from the buy law dissertation service which is the best data analysis service. However, the top 3 SPSS test run software for 2020 is illustrated below.

1. Descriptive Statistics Test

Descriptive statistics are used to summarize your data. If you have numbers spread all across your excel sheet, running a descriptive statistics test on SPSS would summarize your long list of numbers into meaningful information. This summary is called a measure of central tendency and variability. Where central tendency is mean, median, and mode, the variable tendency is the standard deviation.

The descriptive analysis would project the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance. This will help you understand the following.

  • Mean: The average of your independent variables
  • Median: It will identify the middle number in your list.
  • Mode: It shows which values appear most often in your data.
  • Standard deviation: it will show how far apart each of your observation is.
  • Variance: It identifies how spread across your data is from the mean.

2. ANOVA Analysis Test

To understand ANOVA, you need to know what it means.

What is Mean?

Mean is the average value of your data. It is the sum of all the numbers divided by the number of values. For example, your budget might have different numbers for each month. If you add all the budget for each month and divide it by the number of months, you will get mean.

What is ANOVA And When Is It Used?

In simple terms, ANOVA is the difference in the mean of 3 or more independent variables. Continuing with the above example, ANOVA would help your organization understand the difference in the average of all your independent variables. However, to successfully conduct an ANOVA test on SPSS, you would need three or more independent variables in your data.

3. Regression Analysis Test

Regression is the most challenging test in SPSS. To understand what regression is, you must know what is dependent and independent.

·       Dependent Variables

Dependent variables are the main factors in your research. It is the information you are trying to collect. For example, if you want to analyze the impact of marketing and employee motivation on sales, your dependent variable would be “sales.” Why? Because your sales depend on marketing, employee motivation, and other factors.

·       Independent Variable

Independent variables are the factors you hypothesize that might have an effect on your dependent variable. Continuing with the previous example, your independent variables would be marketing, employee motivation, budget, and other factors that directly or indirectly influence your sales.

What is Regression?

According to Aditya Kapre of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, regression is a statistical analysis test in SPSS that helps understand the percentage effect of your independent variables on your dependent variable.

What Is It Used For?

Regression is used to make a concrete analysis of your data to present impactful information before making a decision. If you are planning to increase your sales, the regression would tell you the percentage increase in your independent variables (motivation, budget, marketing, etc.) that would lead to significant improvement.


There are plenty of test runs in SPSS. However, the most used are the ones mentioned above. These tests run in the same sequence as mentioned above. So if you have general research that does not tackle challenging issues, these are the only tests you would need to run. However, there are many other tests you can use, but those are only for high-scale researches.

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